Senior Structural Engineer – Planning and executing a variety of methodologies as part of the structural analysis of transmission towers, monopoles, water tanks and other housing facilities for cellular/wireless equipment cabinets. Creating Prototypes, structural analysis and construction drawings for support structures. Researching, planning and developing project strategies. Coordinating the full life cycle of projects using AutoCAD and ANSYS. Ensuring the optimization of the transmission tower, monopole, water tank and housing facilities for cellular/wireless equipment cabinets. Producing project documentation. Resolving functional issues and support administrative activities. Analyze, design and modify wireless equipment support structures. Complete construction drawings, site plans, and preliminary and as-built drawings of communication infrastructure using ANSYS and AutoCAD. Assist in completing structural analysis of various building elements in accordance with applicable building and structural codes as assigned by Project Manager.

Requirement -- Master's Degree or foreign degree equivalent in Civil Engineering and three months’ experience in the job offered or three months experience as a Design Engineer.

Special requirement -- Experience with structural analysis, completing construction drawings for structures, ANSYS and AutoCAD

Any Applicant who is interested in this position may apply by regular mail to (including Ref # 10001):

Human Resources
Apex Engineers, Inc.
500 East 22nd Street, Suite B
Lombard, IL 60148